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     My name is Dan Ruderman and I grew up with the stories of my Grandmother’s many daring adventures. 


     Addie grew up in New York with her sister, Augusta, and their brother Albert.   They were socially active, good students, and very physically active.  They skated, swam, played tennis and rode horses as well as motorcycles.  Both sisters were pilots, and Gussie later became a member of The 99's.  Somewhere in a family photography album, I have a picture of Addie, Gussie and my mother as a young girl standing in front of Gussie’s plane.  The sisters are wearing furs, as I recall.


     Her ride across the United States in 1916, is by far my favorite and has been recounted many times.  But there was more to Grandma Adeline than is often told...She was tenacious and didn't back down when she wanted to accomplish something


     I have every reason to be grateful for my grandmother’s frequent breaks with tradition – literally every reason – since I would not be here if she was not such a strong, independent and passionately committed woman!


     This site is about her journey, and the journey our family is taking in recreating the famous 1916 ride - with the help of friends, family, interested people and sponsors.  


I hope you will join us for this exciting time in history.


Adeline Van Buren
Augusta Van Buren

This website is dedicated to my grandmother,

Adeline Van Buren (on the right),

and her sister, Augusta Van Buren.

My family
Dan, Skyler and Sofié

Here we are posing for a photoshoot in our driveway.

My son just returned from his 10,000 mile solo trip around the country.

My daughter is learning to ride and we hope she will be confident enough to make the cross continental ride in July 2016!

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