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Miramas and remembering a Veteran

I want to honor my personal favorite veteran, Seymour "Rudy" Ruderman, my father.

Here is a "poem" I found in an envelope full of pictures from the war and the time he spent as a Supply Sergeant in Miramas, France:


In the Southern part of France

Bathed in a summer breeze

Dotted with little vegetation

Scrub brush, dry grass, no trees

Forlorn as a lonely coyote

Deserted by God as well

Stands the Miramar General Depot

Two jumps from the edge of Hell.

Dust storms like the scourge of Satan

Hides the blueness of the sky

The days so hot in the summer

That things wither up and die

Ringed in by man made rivers

That at times cause a very bad smell

I’ll change my mind from the line above

It’s one jump from the edge of Hell.

It’s only a mile from the nearest town

Where you are sure of a lousy time

The natives greet you with open arms

And cut your throat for a dime

So put all these things together

And think them over well

Wind and mud, drought and flood

By God - - - THIS IS HELL.

Miramas is still in the news - this from July

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