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Past, meet future!

I write this in the final hours of 2015, which means that the centennial year begins in less than 9 hours.

There is so much for which I am grateful - deep connections with family, meeting new extended family members, and the introduction of Alisa Clickenger into my life with all the wonderful energy she is bringing to put together an amazing centennial ride to commemorate what my grandmother and her sister did 100 years ago.

The seeds were sown before - the sisters applied to the army in 1915 - but the ride was made in July 1916. It was Augusta who was quoted as saying "Woman Can, If She Will", and this spirit led them to do daring deeds.

I believe they were also deeply inspired by Helen Keller, and believed in their cores that "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all"

Here's hoping that 2016 is a daring adventure for you and yours, and that you grab hold of your dreams. I know that I will, and I hope you join me, for together, we can make this world a richer better place.

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