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20 day countdown

Its just 20 days until we embark. At the last count, we have 55 people beginning the journey on the east coast (only 3 guys, and they are all descendants of the Van Burens)!

We pick up steam as we go - another 30 or so will join us at Pikes Peak for the climb up that historic mountain, and then the bucket list ride through the canyon lands.

When we get to San Francisco, the plan is to cross the Golden Gate Bridge with 250 riders!

Adeline and Augusta would be amazed. So proud of all the changes that have happened, yet not missing that there is so much more to be done.

The fact is that women can now serve in the military - in almost all roles. The sad truth is that so many of our women veterans come back and face homelessness and joblessness. There are more than 55,000 homeless women veterans. My grandmother, Adeline, would have been appalled, and rightfully so. That's why we picked Final Salute as one of only 2 charities to receive funding from this project. Final Salute helps provide services to these heroes of our nation.

The ride for me is a chance to honor my grandmother and her historic ride of righteoussness. It is also to spread a message of inclusion and equality - and even love. These are the values that I believe make America great, and I am looking forward to riding across this great land and meeting so many people along the way. It is only because of the pioneers that have gone before, the work of our ancestors, that so many of us can plan and enjoy a ride so fun and memorable. I can't wait to ride with my kids and it might even be fun and educational for me to ride with so many women!

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